Charlo Airport is located at Charlo, New Brunswick, Canada and serves a large portion of northern New Brunswick and the south shore of Quebec's Gaspé Peninsula. Charlo Regional Airport Authority, the not-for-profit owner and operator of Charlo Airport, is under the direction of a thirteen member volunteer Board of Directors.

On a larger scale, the Charlo Regional Airport Authority views its role as a key facilitator in linking the economic needs and growth opportunities of northeastern New Brunswick with various business activities of the air transportation community. The Charlo Regional Airport Authority also believes its role as a catalyst in regional economic development being complementary and concurrent to other regional development programs.

This is made possible through the Charlo Regional Airport Authority's direct involvement with transportation, industry contacts and its ability to work effectively as a service provider to both the marketplace and transportation companies.

Charlo Airport features an 1,800 meter (6000 foot) runway capable of accommodating flights ranging from small General Aviation aircraft to corporate and mid sized jets.

Its runway length and facilities will allow for further growth in transportation and business development at Charlo Airport.


Because of our centralized location, flat terrain and freedom from fog, CHARLO was considered to be a natural site for a regional airport from its earliest days.

The Airport is strategically located to serve communities in North Eastern New Brunswick from Bathurst to Saint-Quentin and the Quebec Coast from Matapedia to Bonaventure.

Charlo Airport is also equipped with a Just Mobility Lift to serve our passengers who require assistance in boarding and deplaning the aircraft.


One (1) Runway: 6,000 feet in length x 150 feet in width (87,700 sq. meters)
Two (2) Taxiways: 14,000 sq. meters
Two (2) ramps: 17,000 sq. meters

Navigation Aids as follows:

ARCL (lighting system)
NDB (Non-Directional Beacon) -- Temporarily out of service
Airside development area with 5 support buildings

Serviced land for industrial and commercial developments.

One (1) Air Terminal Building (2,000 sq. meters)
One (1) Combined Service Building (1,397 sq. meters)

Land for Lease

Charlo airport has 20 acres (8.09 Hectares) of land available for lease and commercial development; 6 acres (2.43 hectares) located on the 'air side' and 14 (5.67 hectares) acres on the 'ground side' of the airport. These areas meet all zoning and other municipal requirements.

For further information, please contact the Charlo Airport Commission.
T: (506) 684-5507

Business Opportunities

Like Charlo, airports operating in regional markets require revenue sources other than those generated from aircraft activity in order to be financially viable in the long term. Recognizing this, the Charlo Airport Commission is pursing business diversification and development in other areas.

This includes the ability to attract businesses to locate at the airport, or in northeastern New Brunswick, taking advantage of the region's cost effective marketplace, strategic geographic location and fully capable regional airport at Charlo.

These development activities include:

Further increasing air access to the region.
Marketing Charlo Airport as gateway to and from northeastern New Brunswick and the south shore of Quebec's Gaspé Peninsula.
Increasing the specialty and support services at Charlo Airport.
Developing a full air cargo hub serving the region.
Facilities, land for development and the ability to accommodate growth all exist at Charlo Airport. For further details, contact the Charlo Airport Commission.


Hangar Space

Charlo Airport has on site hanger space with dimensions of 24.8 meters (81 feet), by 19.5 meters (64 feet) and with front door clearance of 6.2 meters (20 feet).

Please contact airport for further details.