Did you know?

Have you heard about the operations taking place at the Charlo regional airport?


SOPFIM is stationed here at the Charlo regional airport as part of their spraying program to control the Budworms in the Gaspé Peninsula. They will be spending about four weeks stationed in Charlo.


Here’s what you should know about SOPFIM:


Their mission:


“Our mission: to offer specialized services in the fight against insects that threaten forests, agriculture and human health.”


Is the spray safe?


“In Quebec, a public health advisory ruled in 1995 that the use of Bacillus thuringiensis (Btk) did not pose a risk to human health. All of the literature available to date leads to the conclusion that Btk has no significant effect on organisms other than Lepidoptera (such as mammals, birds, fish, other insects, etc.)”


When do they fly out?


Every day. In the morning at about 5 am and in the evening.


Why do they fly out so early?


“It is important to do the aerial sprays of biological insecticide when there are no winds, in the early morning and evening. Otherwise, the product will not come down, but will float in the air and dissipate into the environment.”


For more information here is their link: