Office Space for Lease

This fantastic view awaits you!

The Charlo Regional Airport currently has in-terminal office space available for lease.


If you are interested, contact us:

Tel: (506) 684-5507 or (506) 789-3922



Sneak Peek August 2022

Little sneak peak of what’s been going on at the Charlo Airport since the beginning of August!


Salmon Fishing in June

As many of you many know, Salmon fishing is a big tourist attraction in our area in the month of June. We are pleased to share that we had an increase of 13% in international flights this past June when comparing it to June 2019. (The years 2020 and 2021 are not included due to the Pandemic).

In-Terminal Advertising

The Charlo Regional Airport has space for external advertisement inside its terminal. This is a good way to give visibility to companies in the region as all passengers go through our terminal building when boarding or deplaning an aircraft.


For more information please visit:In-Terminal Advertising

Did you know? (Your airport’s upgrades!)

This week, we wanted to share with you the upgrades that are being installed at the Charlo regional airport.


Currently, we are in the process of replacing our runway lights. This upgrade is one of many that have happened at our airport since 2020. These upgrades were divided into two phases, the first phase having been complete at the end of 2021. The runway lights are a part of the second phase of the electrical system rehabilitation.


In May 2021, we shared the announcement regarding the funding our airport received from the government of Canada for the completion of these two electrical system rehabilitation phases. Here is an excerpt from that announcement:


“A contribution of $567 600.00 for the first phase of the electrical system rehabilitation, which began in June 2020 is ongoing until the end of 2021. The second phase of the electrical system rehabilitation will receive a contribution of $1 543 300.00 during the years 2021-2023. Continuing in the years 2021-2023, a contribution of $467 500.00 will be received for the wildlife fence replacement.”


If you wish to read the whole announcement, here is the link:


Below are some photos of the workers installing the new runway lights.




Did you know?

Did you know that the Charlo Regional Airport is one of the designated facilities for the Forest Limited Protection (FPL)?

“Forest Protection Limited has been watching over our forests since 1952”. Your regional airport welcomes them when they have to respond to forest fires.

For more information about FPL, please visit their website:


A brief and important notice:

As summer approaches, if you decide to have a campfire, make sure you do it safely.

Below, we invite you to check out the link to the New Brunswick government website which gives you the ‘forest fire watch’:



Did you know?

Have you heard about the operations taking place at the Charlo regional airport?


SOPFIM is stationed here at the Charlo regional airport as part of their spraying program to control the Budworms in the Gaspé Peninsula. They will be spending about four weeks stationed in Charlo.


Here’s what you should know about SOPFIM:


Their mission:


“Our mission: to offer specialized services in the fight against insects that threaten forests, agriculture and human health.”


Is the spray safe?


“In Quebec, a public health advisory ruled in 1995 that the use of Bacillus thuringiensis (Btk) did not pose a risk to human health. All of the literature available to date leads to the conclusion that Btk has no significant effect on organisms other than Lepidoptera (such as mammals, birds, fish, other insects, etc.)”


When do they fly out?


Every day. In the morning at about 5 am and in the evening.


Why do they fly out so early?


“It is important to do the aerial sprays of biological insecticide when there are no winds, in the early morning and evening. Otherwise, the product will not come down, but will float in the air and dissipate into the environment.”


For more information here is their link: